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Ray Ban Flash Lenses yn Naylor and Bernadette Saunders wrote an article in The Conversation addressing the legality of the slap and tying it to a ity sentence to a controversial offender, I know my job is to make them appear out of touch ideological imperative comes before the journalistic one drugs are always bad, British justice is always soft This probably sounds familiar, if you read the Herald Sun, although News Ltd's editors in Australia would surely dispute it. Inquiries in the UK and in Australia, when examining tabloid practices, will reveal a simple truth, says Holmes. Stories about dangerous criminals turned loose onto the streets by out of touch judges; and idiotic do gooders handing out needles to crazed drug addicts; and opportunistic refugees living high on the hog at our expense stories like these play to that mysterious but very real need in the popular psyche to be made simultaneously scared and outraged.Media Musings Blog Archive Sex Slavery and Live Cattle News Outlets have focused on the terrible stories, the bad treatment and the state of Australia's sex industry. But after the initial shock, we now need to further the conversation and put action into play. Frances Simmons, a lawyer who represents trafficked people tweeted Wat

Ray Ban Flash Lenses ching four corners. Hoping we get past horror stories and talk about access to legal remedies humantrafficking fourcorners We don't want to take away the enormity of what happened to these girls but we need to put into practice what we so loudly preach. Reported on Ninemsn, sex trafficking should not be a surprise in Australia as the industry is booming. High growth has forced pimps to forge international supply routes to source their 'product', which, in the case of the sex industry, is mostly women and children. Asian women in particular are a consumer favorite It is an obvious problem and it needs to be addressed by the media. Hysteria doesn build policy and news outlets should use their sway to push for better policies. It not unknown for a news organistation to support and push their own agendas so why is there such apathy when it comes to sex slavery In contrast, the response is lacking compared to the live export debate. Couldn agree more. It is a shame, however, that since the Live Cattle Trade uproar, everyone has come back to almost criticise the responsiveness of the Australian public to animal cruelty. Is this just another example of hollow policy You bet. But the examples are everywhere. Morality lies at the heart of

Ray Ban Flash Lenses so many political deadlocks, from gay rights to endemic poverty perpetuated by drug enforcement policy and incarceration legislation.Media Musings Blog Archive Should media spread rumour After Beyonc Knowles appeared on Channel 7's talk show program Sunday Night, her squashed baby bump has triggered a whirlwind of conspiracy theory on the Internet. Is Beyonce wearing a fake baby bump the Daily mail asked. The media has once again become a conduit to spread rumour. The speculation surrounding Beyonce's pregnancy first started from a US gossip website Media takeout and then spread to mainstream news websites within hours. US news Channel ABC asked Is Beyonce's baby bump as big as she'd have us believe The close up shot of her sitting down for the one on one interview has been doing the rounds on news websites. The contrived slow motion video with distorted background soundtrack is truly nauseating. What's more important, the caption without further explanation could mislead people and throwing questions like this would only fire up the meaningless gossip. The reality is that readers are far more obsessed with celebrity gossip and their private life than the announcement of albums releases. It is understandable that the conspiracy th

Ray Ban Flash Lenses

eory of Beyonce's fake bump prompted a fierce discussion on Twitter. But as journalists, should we spend time on reporting rumours that can satisfy people's morbid curiosity or should we provide some more informative reportage Well, this is a hard call for media workers. After all, most media organisations are commercial operations and are under pressure to increase their traffic. On the Internet, misinformation spreads like wild fire. But the online news media has to distinguish itself from personal bloggers and social websites, which have little responsibility for providing credible and trustworthy information. Gladly, while some media websites have stirred up the wild conspiracy theory of Beyonce carrying a fake baby bump, others have remained sensible and objective. Rumors that Beyonce has been enhancing her baby bump with a prosthetic seem ridiculous, Sarah said in the Washington Post.Media Musings Blog Archive The Slap that smarts By Nick Fogarty You probably heard of the ABC new drama series The Slap. More specifically, a child is slapped by an adult not one of his parents at a suburban barbecue. Quality of the production aside, The Slap has attracted a lot of attention in the media, and not just in reviews. Academics Bronw.

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